Mayans and Environmental Destruction -Reply

Mon Apr 3 15:33:42 MDT 1995

Perhaps I should clarify, re: Mayans and Environ.

Any mention of the effects of environmental destruction upon the
social systems were my own.  I didn't say much about that, but the
sources that I drew upon said even less.  I'm not aware of any
archeo/anthropologists who have tried to lay out a scenario of how
exactly environmental destruction was translated into the "fall" of a
civilization.  (I mark "fall" just because I find the term
value-laden and problematic, but I won't digress.)

I don't know how we could know for sure how the effects of environ.
degrad. worked upon social behaviors in a specific case, especially
in the absence of written records.  But we could probably make some
very good general guesses, based on ethnographic analogy of sorts -
what is the effect of sky-rocketing prices of food, fuel and
materials such as wood in other societies?  Or what do we expect the
effects to be, based on our experience, history and theory, etc.?

Lisa Rogers

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