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Mon Apr 3 18:17:19 MDT 1995

About the reactionary nature of the expatriot Irish. I wonder
sometimes if it is a rule of history that the most opressed become
the worst opressors when liberated.
I was born a Jew not an Israeli, but what the Israeli's have done and
are still doing to the Palestinians in the name of the Jews, defies
reason. The Irish in the USA seem similar. Then again the
Americans fought a war of liberation against the British and are not
too progressive now. The Boers in South Africa were held in the
worlds first concentration camps only to do worse things to the
Africans after they won independence after the Boer War.

Remember the old song.

The working class can kiss my arse Iv'e got the foreman's job at

But then again it cannot be a law of nature because there are

>>>>>>>>>> From: Justin Schwartz <jschwart at

Rather than positing any law, I ask why or when or [better] under
what circumstances do the formerly oppressed become oppressors?  I
don't claim my suggested answer to be a new thought, in fact it is
evident in that line from a song posted by Schwartz [above] -
oppression is likely to occur whenever it serves the interests of the
oppressors.  Especially, private, short-term interests - it may do
little good to explain to that foreman that his long-term class
interests are still with the workers, when he's taking that check
home for himself today.

Lisa Rogers

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