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Dear Marxism subscribers,

In view of the recent fascinating discussion on Bhaskar and "Dialectic", I
thought you might be interested in this forthcoming conference, to be held in
London in July:

                                                  "Realism and the Human

                                                  Realism  and  Emancipation

                                                           21-23 July 1995
                                                     Faculty of Social
                                                    University of East London

The 11th "Realism and the Human Sciences" Conference will be held at the
Barking Campus of the University of East London, at the invitation of
Professor Michael Rustin, Dean of Social Sciences.

The themes of the Conference will be:Ethics, Justice and PowerPostism, Endism
and New BeginningsPhysics, Ontology and EcologyThe Conference will aim to
continue the interdisciplinary conversation between realism in all its
varieties and social constructionism, and the 'ethics of deconstruction', and
will focus on the theory and practice of ethics and emancipation.

Draft Programme

Friday 21 July
First Plenary
Mike Rustin (UEL)  "Two Forms of Realism: Marxism and Psychoanalysis"

Saturday 22 July
Second Plenary
Roy Bhaskar (Oxford) "New Beginnings in Critical Realism"

Bob Cannon "Rorty, Bhaskar and Socialist Emancipation"; Andrew Collier
"Critical Realism: Taking Stock"; Margaret Archer "Bhaskar versus Giddens";
Alan Norrie "Law as a Positioned Practice"; Chris Knight "Ethnobiology
Rehabilitated"; Phil Sharpe "Marxism and Dialectical Critical Realism"

Third Plenary
 Cecile Jackson (UEA) "Gender and Environmentalism: a View from the Outside"

Peter Dickens "Humanising Nature: Alienation, Emancipation and the Division
of Labour"; Howard Feather "Bhaskar and Overdetermination"; Bill Bowring
"Habermas and Bhaskar, an Ethical Convergence"; Tony Lawson "Realism and
Economic Theory"; Caroline New "A Real Feminist Standpoint?"

Sunday 23 July
Fourth Plenary
Christopher Norris (Cardiff) "A Defence of Realism"

William Outhwaite "The Myth of Modern Method"; Eric Millstone "Realism and
Ecological Politics"; Hilary Wainwright "Against Positivism"; Robert Fine
"Insidious Nationalisms"; John Lovering "Warring Realities"; Tim Dayton
"Totality and Critical Realism in Cultural Studies"Registration
The Conference will take place on the Barking Campus of the University of
East London, ten minutes by bus from Barking Underground Station on the
District Line (about 45 minutes from Central London).

The full residential weekend price of *150 (inc VAT)  includes two nights
accommodation in new student residences on campus, within minutes of meeting
rooms, refectory, and bar; dinner on Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on
Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

Participants will enjoy membership of the Sports Centre, which includes a
swimming pool. There will be a late bar.

Special dietary etc requirements:
Creche required:

I would like to book:
Conference and accommodation at *150:
Conference without accommodation at *110:
Day rate at *55 (includes meals):
* 10 late registration fee for bookings after 21 June 1995:
Total enclosed: *
(Cheques payable to "University of East London".
Please send to: Bill Bowring, School of Law, University of East London,
Longbridge Road, Essex RM8 2AS. Tel: 081-590-7722 x2194. Fax: 081-599-5122.
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