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Tue Apr 4 09:31:16 MDT 1995

My apologies for the misattribution.  The scramblings that occur with
replies within replies do escape me sometimes.  Whoever wrote, I
enjoyed it, and I also appreciate Justin Schwartz' contributions.
Lisa Rogers

>>> Justin Schwartz <jschwart at>  4/3/95,
11:42pm >>>

The entry below is misattributed to me. I did not write it and would
not have done.

--Justin Schwartz

Somebody posted and Lisa extracted these bits:
>  > About the reactionary nature of the expatriot Irish. I wonder
> sometimes if it is a rule of history that the most opressed become
> the worst opressors when liberated.
> ...
> I was born a Jew not an Israeli, but what the Israeli's have done
and> are still doing to the Palestinians in the name of the Jews,
defies > reason. The Irish in the USA seem similar. Then again the
> Americans fought a war of liberation against the British and are
not> too progressive now. The Boers in South Africa were held in the
> worlds first concentration camps only to do worse things to the
> Africans after they won independence after the Boer War.
>  > Remember the old song.
>  > The working class can kiss my arse Iv'e got the foreman's job at
> last.
>  > But then again it cannot be a law of nature because there are
> exceptions.

Lisa said (now revised):
>  > Rather than positing any law, I would ask why or when or
[better] under > what circumstances do the formerly oppressed become
oppressors?  I > don't claim this to be a new thought, in fact it is
> implied in that line from a song [above] -
> oppression is likely to occur whenever it serves the interests of
the> oppressors.  Especially, private, short-term interests - it may
do > little good to explain to that foreman that his long-term class
> interests are still with the workers, when he's taking that check
> home for himself today.
>  > Lisa Rogers

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