Systematic Dialectics and Practice

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Tue Apr 4 20:34:46 MDT 1995

This note is to Press, Jones-bhandari, Proyect, and others who feel
this list bombarded with "theoretical" 'grad students and their

First I must say that this list has very much benefited me in my
understanding of the world and the broading of my mind.  Frankly I am
quite surprised by the fragmentation, dis-organization, and
disagreement of Leftists movements and commitment.  This truly
hinders progressive human emancipation.  One problem is that there
seems no agreeable notion of what constitutes and can institute human
emancipation.  These are the issues I am attempting to come to grips
within first my own life and commitments and second my studies.

I can only aplogize if I fail to *clearly* or *explicitly* expound the
pracitical importance of theory I so much enjoy discussing over the
list.  However, I firmly, unambigously and unequivically contend that
all theory and philosophy must be of practicial import for it to be
emancipating.  To me this seems to be the significance of especially
both Tony Smith and Roy Bhaskar.  Once one has penetrated Bhaksar
obtuse writing style, not only does his practicial import show
trough, but he actually makes for very pleasurible reading.  And I
don't believe anyone to be any more non-obtuse and accessible then
Tony Smith, especially in regards to the Hegel-Marx nexus.

If I have mystified Smith; in my struggle to understand him, and
incorporate him in the world of my own thoughts and commitments; I
especially recommend his article in *Marx's Method in Capital: A
Reexamination* ed. by Fred Moseley, Humanities Press, New Jersey,
1993.  It is here that Smith himself expresses the importance of his
theoritical interpretation on his practical commitments.  This
writing is only 20 pages and quite accessible.

Hans Despain
University of Utah
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