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In response to Rakesh's posting of 4 April 1995 (06:21:05.40):

The passage quoted from Postone is just a paraphrase of arguements made by
 Marx (in a few places).  The issue is not that higher productivity creates
 additional value _per se_, but that above-average productivity generates
 above-average value (per unit of labor-time).

The passage quoted from Grossmann isn't all that clear, but it seems NOT
 to indicate that greater productivity generates greater value, but that
 a worker, when productivity is greater, uses up more means of production
 per unit of labor-time, and thus transfers more value to the value of
 products.  In THIS sense, with greater productivity, the C used up is
 greater, and the value of the GROSS product will be greater.  Marx also
 says this.

All this is very different from saying that, for the TOTAL social capital, the NEW value CREATED can vary independently of the amount of socially necessary
labor extracted.  This Marx denied, as do I.

(By the way, my view is not special in this regard.  This is all the ABCs
 of _Capital_.)

Andrew Kliman

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