Ron Press anclondon at
Wed Apr 5 20:09:36 MDT 1995


I am very sorry that I raised some ghosts. I did not intend to do
so. Clearly there are some deep historic differences which I have
inadvertantly aggravated.

I have been called many names in the past by very many differsnt
people with different views. For me it is not a problem. However I
do not think it adds to the reason we are on this list if one is
unable to say what one wishes. If we are people who want to
improve humankinds understanding of themselves, then we must
surely be tolerant of ignorance, of arrogance, and mistakes.

The exploiters of this world like nothing better than when the
exploited argue amongest themselves,

I appologise to Rob Frantz <rfrantz at> Ralph Dumain
<rdumain at>

for upsetting them.

Ron Press

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