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Louis the point is not necessarily to correct Marx but to understand
him, as possibly the most viable theorist for human emancipation and
self-determination.  At the same time this does not mean that Marx is
correct about everything, in fact there are major pieces of Marx
which seem quite contradictory to myself.  In any event, either you
or Ron Press had stated that B. Russell was so confussing and muddle
philosophically, and Marx and Lenin so clear.  Especially the latter
is actually quite interesting, because I find Marx and Lenin actually
not so clear.  I very much struggle not only to understand especially
Marxian theory, but also its implication, in my mind it is not
written on *Golden Plates* (think of his first chapter of *Capital*).

My interest in both Smith and Bhaskar is, first, Smith seems to have
captured and explained an important common *red thread* for
interpreting early, late, and even *post* Marx.  I support his
effort.  Second, Bhaksar is attempting to bring forth the ambiguity
and mistakes of Marx and Marxists and attempt to find the commonality
and justification within each paradigm and then make room for the
interpretations and understandings which stay true to where he
places the integrity of Marxian philosophy and praxis.  Maybe I am
wrong about given so much credence to espeically these two thinkers.
This is why I share my thoughts over the line.  Hence, I value your
criticisms and suspicions on my interpretations and presentations.  I
would hope you value mine of yours.

I have been quite pleased to here others who see the value of Tony
Smith's work.  I believe this very worthy of being shared over the
line.  There are of course many other dialecticians worthy of
discussion.  Moreover, perhaps this methodology is what makes
Marx so readible?  Maybe this people with a replusion to the
discussion of dialectics very much have an attraction and a
commitment very implicitly?  Again if I mystify anyone I can
only apologize.  If I am unable to draw the practical import in my
struggle to understand it myself forgive.

Finally, my name is always signed before you open the mail, and I
always try to eplicitly title what is inside.  Do what you will.

Hans Despain
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