Confronting Right-wing Ideology

lisa rogers at
Thu Apr 6 20:28:56 MDT 1995

Dr. Ehrbar, (and all)

The posts about the Theatre of the Oppressed caught my eye, especially in
light of my experience in class last night - how shall we confront
right-wing ideology?

Do you see much of that kind of blame-the-victim rhetoric in classes all
the time?  I don't think I can tolerate much of that at all.

I guess they are mostly in business already, taking a night class in
their white shirts and ties.  Only 4 out of 40 are women and not a single
shade of brown skin in sight.

Working class people stay working class people just because they don't save
enough?  If women just voted as a block, they would have everything they
wanted?  And besides, if they just "withheld" sex, all men would be
groveling and give in? (everybody giggles).

I don't think the comments about women were "just a joke" (if anything
ever is) and it would make no difference to me if they claimed it were.
Were those just general defenses of the status quo, or more specifically
aimed at putting me in my place or both?

I am seriously pissed off and I'm trying to decide what to do about it.
Is this what is supposed to pass for adult discussion in a graduate level
economics course?

Anybody want to talk about current issues in oppression in America?  Here
it is.

What would any of you do?

Lisa Rogers

P.S. Other than this, I'm enjoying the class from Ehrbar and Campbell
very much.  Ironically but sincerely, your student and colleague, Lisa

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