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Thu Apr 6 20:56:57 MDT 1995

On Mon, 3 Apr 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:
> ... In the
> March 1995 Harper's Magazine, during a roundtable discussion by Gingrich
> supporters, James Pinkerton, a former adviser to George Bush states, "The
> issue is whether we go further. The issue is how to take apart the
> institutions that are wrecking this country. If we simply pass the Contract on
> America, which is essentially a pro-business agenda, and DON'T GO FURTHER (my
> emphasis, LP), then the top half of the economy will be liberated from
> government control and will prosper and the bottom half will continue to stew
> in its Brezhnevian juices. And 2 more years from now we'll have an even more
> radical skew--both electoral and economic--than we did in the 1980's. The moral
> credibility of capitalism will be further undercut..." Now there's food for
> thought for a Marxist. What does this mean for the working-class; what does
> it mean for the left-wing?)...
> >

If you don't mind saving me from looking up Harper's myself, please tell:
What does Pinkerton mean by "further"?  What (in his opinion) is it about
government control that is keeping the bottom half poor?  Or does he
bother to say?

I'll be thrilled if the credibility of capitalism is further undercut, I
fully expect it will be, especially if the Grinch and his crew remain in

In local labor issues, a Utah meat packing plant (originally the homegrown
Miller brothers, now owned by ConAgra) has been speeding up those flying
meat-hooks that move through the plant on chains, and the injury rate has
been going up and up.  Last month, a hook caught a worker by the throat and
did serious damage (not quite fatal) before the chain could be stopped.  The
in-house health and safety nurse went public and got fired.  I'm
attending a lecture/discussion where she is speaking about profit vs
safety at the local Pathfinder bookstore in Salt Lake City Friday night.

Wish you could all be here!

Lisa Rogers

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