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Subject: New (co)moderators--PLEASE READ

This is just to say that Howie Chodos and Lisa Rogers have kindly (and
fairly enthusiastically!) agreed to help out with the moderation of this
marxism l*st.

None of us is quite sure what this process involves--it certainly doesn't
involve controlling what goes to the l*st, as all posts are automatically
distributed to everyone (except in the case of a technical error).
Rather, our hope is to facilitate and foster productive discussion of the
marxist tradition(s) by whatever means we find possible.  Wherever we
can, we hope to do this positively, by stirring up debate where
necessary, or encouraging otherwise neglected contributions, especially
from those just arriving on the l*st.  Also, I now have a few other
people to worry with, or, conversely, to be proud with, according to the
fluctuations of the discussion.

Flannon Jackson, who has been a co-moderator of this l*st since its
inception, is now involved increasingly with the general technical
maintenance necessary for all the spoon collective's l*sts, and in this
department he is providing sterling service, making sure that our
administrative tasks are as simple and quick as possible.

Take care


Jon Beasley-Murray
Literature Program
Duke University
jpb8 at

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