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Fri Apr 7 10:29:22 MDT 1995

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995, Tom Condit wrote:

> You'll have to forgive me for a total digression from anything
> we've been talking about, but in some ways this list seems to me
> to be a cross between a graduate seminar and the kind of barroom
> conversation in which I got a large part of my political
> education.  What follows is somewhat lacking in the rigor and
> documentation you'd expect in a seminar, since I learned it all
> in bars.

I like this.  For me, if this is how the list turns out, this is good.
Louis once compared the list to street-corner gatherings in NTYC (I
forget exactly).  For him, that was also a good thing.

> Make mine a black and tan.
> Tom Condit

I'd ask for a Jameson on the rocks, but perhaps that wouldn't be politick.

So the usual PBR, please...

Take care


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