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Tom Meisenhelder tsmeisen at
Fri Apr 7 10:32:19 MDT 1995

With reference to Louis comments on how a good reading of Lenin leads us
to support the so-called "nationalist" struggles of people of color and
with reference to the often stated idea that a focus on race is somehow  a
diversion from class analysis, and in the interest to bringing the
discussion "down" to an immediate practical concern . .. . ., how should
we (the marxist left) speak when asked to respond to the current and
growing attacks on affirmative action?  Should we disown the idea by
saying we support revolution not reform?  Should we discount AA by
pointing out that it is not a class-based progrm?  Or perhaps argue that
AA is good, does work for some, but needs to be braodened to include class
as well as other avenues for the redistribution of opportunity and
resources.  While it is perhaps most tempting to remain "pure" by refusing
to promote AA because it is reformist and coopting and remains fully
within capitalism, wouldn't --as is often the case, it seems-- such
theoretical purity be practical political suicide for the socialist left?

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