Racism/ others

Scott Marshall scott at rednet.org
Fri Apr 7 09:24:00 MDT 1995

What kind of classless nonsense is this? No matter what you think of Stalin
or the Stalin period, how can any Marxist seriously equate Franco Spain with
the USSR in any period? This is the standard anti-communist obscurantanism
of every scoundral from J Edgar Hoover to some here who drool and foam in
thier own tepid juices. What possible good can be accomplished by serious
Marxist like yourself giving ground to such unscientific and rediculous ideas?

This kind of stuff makes any real critique or learning from the mistakes of
Stalinism very difficult indeed.

>Everyone would like to live in a stable society. But there is
>stability and stability. Spain was stable under Franco, the USSR
>under Stalin. Stability can be sterility.
>Ron Press

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