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Sorry for multiple postings.

Me, I liked their earlier working title "Fighting the Right"... but I
hope you all still get the general idea.  It should be a good (and
somewhat novel) conference.

Take care

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     A conference at the University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee

                           March 8-10, 1996

Issues surrounding the Right seem to be crucial to contemporary
discussions of postmodernity.  Currently, the "Right" connotes the new
majority in Congress, yet we also see other "Rights" at the heart of
recent academic and popular discourse.  We'd like to discern -- that is,
unhinge -- what appears to be an assumed relationship between the (civil,
moral, political) Right and popular politics, conceived globally and/or
locally through a consideration of various theoretical, critical,
and/or representational discourses and other cultural productions.

We invite papers or panel proposals deriving from a wide variety of
readings of the conference title and a similar variety of disciplinary
perspectives: legal, pedagogical, literary, artistic, anthropological,
queer, sociological, personal, theoretical, historical, psychoanalytic,
televisual, feminist, cinematic, lesbigay, scientific, materialist,
creative, etc.

Send a 300-word paper or panel proposal (papers should be 15-20 minutes
long) by November 1, 1995, to:

        Discerning the Right
        Department of English and Comparative Literature
        University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee
        P.O. Box 413
        Milwaukee, WI  53201

If you have questions about the conference, please contact
"dtr-proposals at". You may also email individual and panel
proposals to this address.

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