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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Fri Apr 7 12:33:43 MDT 1995

Louis Proyect:

Has anybody seen "The Confession" by Costas-Gravas? This movie is based
on the Slansky show trials in Czechoslovakia in the 1950's. One old
communist is confessing to crimes against the people in a crowded
courtroom while the international press is in attendance. At the climax
of his confession, he slowly lets his pants fall to his ankles and the
whole courtroom bursts into laughter. This was his way of commenting on
the proceedings. Costa-Gravas must have had the Radek story in the back
of his mind.

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995, Tom Condit wrote:

> When he became a victim of Stalin's purges, Radek cheerfully
> collaborated, and at his trial spun a long tale of meetings with
> Leon Trotsky at a hotel in Copenhagen where Trotsky recruited him
> to spy on the Soviet Union on behalf of British (or Japanese, or
> whichever conspiracy it was the Stalinists were hipped on that
> year) intelligence.  After Radek's death, when his confession was
> being triumphantly paraded around the world as "proof" of the
> validity of the Moscow trials, it came out that the hotel where
> he had set his tale had been torn down two years before the
> alleged meetings.  Even facing the executioner, Radek had his
> little joke on Stalin.

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