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Sat Apr 8 11:47:38 MDT 1995

I thought it should be readily apparent that there is a connection
between Leninist theories of imperialism and contemporary nationalist fronts
such as IRA, PLO, ANC, etc. even though none of those particular
organizations was ever directly connected to the Third International.
Many leftists have been convinced that nationalist fronts represent the
"progressive forces" whose victory would help to weaken imperialism (and
presumably capitalism too). This position was heavily influenced by the
ideology of the Soviet leadership from the days of the Comintern right
through post-Stalinist revisionism. Now that the USSR is no longer around
and the regional conflicts bequeathed by British or other Western
colonialism in Ireland, Palestine, S. Africa etc. are approaching a kind
of "resolution" (in the sense that the nationalist opponents of
imperialism have been, or look like they might be, granted a share of the
franchise), it can be seen how limited and inadequate their version of
"progress" really is. With their own flags, postage stamps, police, and
standing armies, these forces of "liberation" will now help to enforce the
New World Order. Capitalism doesn't need official policies of racism to
survive; in fact, it functions better without them. Energies that could
have gone toward destroying capitalism altogether in its totality have for
decades been channeled instead into campaigns to defeat particular archaic
features of it. I don't mean to belittle those who struggled and died or
spent time in jail fighting against apartheid, but now that the ANC is in
power, it should be clear to everyone that it poses no threat whatsoever
to the reign of capital. In order for the ANC to govern, it must say to
its constituents, "OK, we won. The revolution is over now. Everybody get
back to work." Are there powerful trade unions in S. Africa?
Wonderful--they can now pacify and control the working class just like
trade unions everywhere else. Their function will be no different than
that of the AFL-CIO or the British TUC. The new S. Africa still must go
along with the demands of global capital, and if the workers in S. Africa
fail to go along, then the new functionaries of the state apparatus, who
happen to be the ANC, will discipline them.

As for the PLO, we've already seen its police open fire on Palestinians.


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