Sat Apr 8 15:25:46 MDT 1995

On Sat, 8 Apr 1995 13:47:38 -0400 (EDT) Alex Trotter said:
>I thought it should be readily apparent that there is a connection
>between Leninist theories of imperialism and contemporary nationalist fronts
>such as IRA, PLO, ANC, etc. even though none of those particular
>organizations was ever directly connected to the Third International.
    ... [some omitted] ...
>features of it. I don't mean to belittle those who struggled and died or
>spent time in jail fighting against apartheid, but now that the ANC is in
>power, it should be clear to everyone that it poses no threat whatsoever
>to the reign of capital. In order for the ANC to govern, it must say to
>its constituents, "OK, we won. The revolution is over now. Everybody get
>back to work." Are there powerful trade unions in S. Africa?
>Wonderful--they can now pacify and control the working class just like
>trade unions everywhere else. Their function will be no different than
>that of the AFL-CIO or the British TUC. The new S. Africa still must go
>along with the demands of global capital, and if the workers in S. Africa
>fail to go along, then the new functionaries of the state apparatus, who
>happen to be the ANC, will discipline them.
>As for the PLO, we've already seen its police open fire on Palestinians.

And the South African police and army in action against strikers and union

Yes, the ANC will try to discipline the workers, using the armed power of the
state. But the black working class in SA is one of the most advanced and class
conscious in the world. The success of such capitalist discipline is by no
means guaranteed.

As for Leninism, the history of his life and work puts Lenin on the side of the
workers in this struggle, whatever may be said by "Leninists" in the service of

Walter Daum

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