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Note: SCIENCE AND NATURE was a little-known serial (which appeared
approximately annually) dedicated to applying dialectical
materialism to the natural sciences.  10 issues appeared (#7/8 and
#9/10 being combined issues), and then the editor, Lester
Talkington, died in an auto crash.  There was talk of reviving
this publication, but I have not been informed of any subsequent

Though some of the main people associated with this journal could
be considered in the pro-Soviet camp, their scientism did not lead
them too far astray in this area.  In Soviet-type societies, the
philosophy of science was the one area in which creative Marxist
thinking was permitted, even encouraged, since it was to the
advantage of Stalinism to show that dialectical materialism could
apply to the material world and to modern developments in natural
science, mathematics, and logic.  This is the other side of the
coin ignored by Western Marxism and the anti-Stalinist humanist
Marxism of Eastern Europe, which often took the form of Hegelian
Marxism and praxis philosophy.  Of course, their goals were
different -- to deal with aspects of human existence suppressed by
Stalinism -- but the picture of the modern world is not complete
without considering the materialist world picture that Sovietism
did try to develop.

The following articles from SCIENCE AND NATURE deal substantively
with Marxism and mathematics.

Aleksandrov, A.D.  "Mathematics: its essential nature and
objective laws of development" [sections suppressed from the 1963
English translation], with editor's comment, #3 (1980), p. 22-24.

Davis, Martin.  "Nonstandard analysis: a revolution under way?",
with afternotes "On Engels and the dialectics of calculus" by Dirk
Struik and A.D. Aleksandrov, #7/8 (1986), p. 34-42.

Kennedy, Hubert.  "Marx, Peano, and differentials", #5 (1982), p.

Kennedy, Hubert.  "Marx's mathematical manuscripts", #1 (1978), p.
59-62.  Note bibliography.

Powell, Arthur B., Jr.  "Marx and mathematics in Mozambique"
[review of MARX DEMYSTIFIES CALCULUS by Paulus Gerdes], #7/8
(1986), p. 119-123.


Ralph Dumain, comp.  13 June 1994

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