History (Justin's) and "actualism" -Reply

Lisa Rogers EQDOMAIN.EQWQ.LROGERS at email.state.ut.us
Mon Apr 10 11:43:55 MDT 1995

HD:  ... In other words, as I see  > our account you have "observed"
the historical phenomena of  > resistence against domination,
wherefore you give it the status of  > the *real* mechanism behind
the phenomena.
JS:    No, as I say, the explanation of resistance is interest-based
group action, a fundamental human motivation. The observed phenomenin
are a result of this.
HD: We could also ask a Bhaskarian-like transcendental question.  If
> world history is governed by resistence against domination, 'what
> must human beings be like to resist domination?'

JS: My answer, very briefly: creatures who tend to act on their group

Lisa Rogers asks:
How did humans come to be creature who act on group interests?  Do
they have other interests than "group"?  How do they define the group
with which they have interests or to which they belong?


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