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Cremaschi, Sergio.  Review of _Hegel and the Sciences_ ed. by
Robert S. Coehn and Marx Wartofsky, THE OWL OF MINERVA, vol. 20,
no.2, Spring 1989, p. 224-228.

Generally the book under review, which covers various areas of the
natural sciences, is considered to be out of date in relation to
Hegel scholarship.  This review is useful in mentioning other work
being done, mostly in German and Italian.  The information on work
relating dialectical to formal logic and particularly on the
formalization of Hegel's logic was news to me.  Here I repeat
citations to some of this work.

Butler, Clark.  "On the reducability of dialectical to standard
logic", _The Personalist_, 56, 1956, p. 414-431.

Gauthier, Yvonne.  "Logique hegelienne et formalisation",
_Dialogue_, 6,  1967, p. 151-165.

Marconi, Diego.  "Contradiction and the language of Hegel's
dialectic: a study of the _Science of Logic_", PHD dissertation,
University of Pittsburgh, 1980.

Utilizes developments in paraconsistent logics.  The reviewer
considers Rogowski to be the best of the work cited below, and it
is summarized here.

Marconi, Diego, ed.  _La formalizzazione della dialectica: Hegel,
Marx e la logica contemporanea_.  Torino: Rosenberg and Seller,

This work contains a number of key papers, all in Italian

Apostel, Leo.  "Logique et dialectique chez Hegel" (1960)

Jaskowski, S.  "Rachunek zdan dla systemow dedukcyjnch
sprzecznychi" [orig. Polish] (1948)

Kosok, Michael.  "The formalization of Hegel's dialectical logic:
its formal structure, logical interpretation, and intuitive
foundation", _International Philosophical Quarterly_, 6, 1966, p.

Rogowski, L.S.  "Logika kierunkowa a heglowska tez o sprcznosci
zmiany [orig. Polish] (1964)

Other names mentioned: Gotthard Gunther, N.C.A. da Costa.

Re the papers on logic contained in _Hegel and the Sciences_
itself: the reviewer mentions Gauthier and Kosok, also Hector
Sabelli and Ivan Soll.

It would seem that, if the reviewer is to be believed, the best
place for the anglophone reader to go (as of 1984) would be
Marconi (1980), though doctoral dissertations require some effort
to come by  (and outrageous expense, if one wants to buy a copy of
one).  Regarding paraconsisten logics, I mentioned Graham Priest's
work in a previous bibliography.  His book _In Contradiction_ is
so ridiculously expensive, I couldn't afford it even when I found
it in a used book store.

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