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Tue Apr 11 08:39:44 MDT 1995

>>> Chris Burford <cburford at gn.apc.org>  4/11/95, 07:32am >>>
Hi Justin,

I have printed out your letter of 9th because I want to think about
it, but, briefly, you wrote

 > And being
 > dismissive about "the mechanistic paradigm of science," whatever
that is,
 > doesn't help.  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Do you really not know what I am talking about?

Does nobody know what I am talking about?

Am I all alone on my own psychotic little planet?




Chris, perhaps so, but at least I'll wave hello from my own planet!
I know you don't dismiss science, but I wasn't paying much attention
to that conversation at the time.

Right now I'm reading a small book for Ehrbar's class called Social
Theory - no, social something, anyway, about socialism, its theory
and practice up until the present, by Tom Bottomore.  This is finally
some kind of overview for me of some of the stuff that others on the
list seem to have studied for years.

Chin up,


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