Guy DeBord suicide

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Mon Apr 10 23:42:46 MDT 1995

I did receive a couple of replies: one was an obituary; the other
was a series of polemics, diatribes, commentaries, etc. from a list
called "avantgarde" (or some such name). I'll append these to the
end of your post.

Bill Koehnlein <nyms1 at>

> Last week this message was posted.  Has anyone heard anything?  I have seen
> nothing on the list but wonder if anyone has replied direct to Bill.  If
> so, can you send it on to me as well?
> Thanks in anticipation.
> >I just learned that Guy Debord, of the Situationist International
> >and author of _La Societe du Spectacle_ committed suicide about
> >two or three months ago. Does anyone have any info on this, seen
> >any obits, etc.? Many thanks-
> >
> >Bill Koehnlein <nyms1 at>
> Malcolm MacLean
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> Everyone talks of freedom, but there are few that act for freedom, and the
> actors for freedom are oppressed by the talkers.
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> To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call
> on them to give up a condition that requires illusions.
>                                                  Karl Marx
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> A revolutionary organization must always remember that its objective is not
> getting people to listen to speeches by expert leaders, but getting them to
> speak for themselves.
>                                                  Guy Debord
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