"Interests"- it's for your own good?

Kenny Mostern kennym at uclink2.berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 11 09:42:12 MDT 1995

One problem with discussing "interest" among a bunch of marxists (that
means myself) is that we tend to have an inadequate grasp of
psychoanalysis.  I say this not because I think psychoanalysis in its
totality is true,
but because it seems to me plausbile that psychic interest and social or
class interest really are at odds with one another in consist patterns,
perhaps especially in bourgeois society.  If this is true one needs a
rigorous way of accounting for this particular contradiction (and the
potential for its overturning).

The broader marxist category in which interest is usually discussed is
"ideology"--that is, ideology is often the explanatory category regarding
why people act against their own interests.  (Eagleton believes that
ideologies are structured like Freud's picture of the psyche.)  Does
anyone want to have a discussion about this term?

Kenny Mostern
UC-Berkeley Ethnic Studies Graduate Group

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