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Ralph surmises:

 I imagine there
 >is more than one type of person involved in analytical philosophy,
 >but overall it seems very narrow and that is no accident.  It is

I don't mean to make a cute analytic distinction, but it seems to me the use of
the tern "narrow" here is ambiguous.  In the context he could mean either
focused on specialized set of problems or he could mean unwilling even to
consider the social context in which they do their work.  What's important, and
what I think Ralph's critique of anlytical Marxism and analytical philosophy
generally confuses, is that the first meaning doesn't entail the second.  One
could be focused on specialized problems with in the dicsipline and still have
a radical critique of capitalism.  I know of more than one philospher of mind
and logician who are also Marxists.

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