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Wed Apr 12 00:07:57 MDT 1995

I am intrigued that Ralph, you liked Sloterdijk so much.  I wondered what
others on the list thought about the _Critique of Cynical Reason_, but
while I thought I would like it a lot, I was in the end very disappointed.

(I am especially surprised that Ralph liked it because I found it
particularly overblown and longwinded without all that much to say for
itself; and I had thought that Ralph's bullshit detector was much more
finely tuned than mine.)

At the same time, one of the most interesting pieces of Zizek (and I
don't find much of Zizek interesting) is a few pages near the beginning
of his _Sublime Object of Ideology_ where he uses Sloterdijk to consider
the possibility of an ideology immanent in practice ("they know what they
do, but still they keep doing it").  However, I think even Zizek makes
Sloterdijk sound *far* more interesting that he actually is.

_Critique_ seems so much a product of a moment in German intellectual
history (post-60s disillusionment) that, while it might aid understanding
the "brave new Europe" I don't see it as very productive (certainly not
very "philosophical") elsewhere.

Anyone else?

Take care


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