Steve.Keen at unsw.edu.au Steve.Keen at unsw.edu.au
Wed Apr 12 03:29:36 MDT 1995

I've mainly been a passive (occasional) observer of this stream,
but something Justin said about internal relations prompts the following
reference. The same debate between internal and external relations has
been proceeding amongst post keynesian economists in recent years, and
there is an excellent article by Ted Winslow on the subject in the
Economic Journal of 1989, which puts the position that internal
relations--also called "organicism" in this debate--are the stuff of
Keynesian economics, but that rather than ending up with a defeatist
"everything depends on everything else", this is attenuated by a
hierarchy of internal relations, some of which can be taken as given
depending upon the level of analysis.

That's a very patchy and straight off the top of the head summary;
you might find it worth consulting the paper (which is fundamentally
philosophical in content).
Steve Keen

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