Gorachev's crimes

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Wed Apr 12 06:14:56 MDT 1995

Bob Frantz said:

>I myself find it difficult to see why so much blame is laid at Gorbachev's
>feet. The Soviet command economy was simply unable to produce and distribute
>on any level comparable with the "bourgeois democracies."

What nonsense. Some may accept this on face value but it just isn't true.
Where did Sputnik come from and how was this supposed backward economy able
to keep up militarily with the most powerful military machine in history?
And why do the CIA now admit that thier figures on the Soviet economy were

Gorbachev didn't
>cause this. The decisions that made a wreck of Soviet society go all the
>way back to the beginning, but mostly, of course to, Stalin, the leader for
>30 years.

More pap. What discissions? What policies etc. A big topic no doubt but I
get tired of these sweeping statments based on sand.

Gorbachev is blamed, of course, by communists, because they
>simply are unwilling or incapable to look themselves in the mirror
>and realize. "My God, what have we done!" Gorbachev and Yeltsin may have
>been the funeral directors, but Soviet "socialism" had been on life
>support a long, long time before he came to power. From Lenin on, the
>Bolsheviks never had the need to test their popularity among the working
>people and peasants of the Soviet Union.

Isn't it amazing how a country grew and defeated Nazi aggression without
popular support - that Stalin was indded a miricle worker!

Had they done so they probably
>would have lost, but then they also might have learned something that
>would have enable them to popular, yes popular, in the future. Their
>"popular" support was assured by physical force and the "religion"
>of Soviet Marxism-Lenninism.

This is really silly.

>I find that the supporters of former Soviet-style communism are losers.

And have nothing to lose but ur chains.

>They blame all their failures on others. The fact that the Soviet Union
>was unable to compete economically, to produce quality consumer goods
>that would beat down all barriers in the world market, can't be excused
>by casting the blame on the competitors.

Very similar to the argument Newt and Co. use to discuss the poor and
working class today.....hm.

Lastly I always really like the "command economy" arguement - gee isn't
capitalism about as "command" as you can get - it always is where I've
worked. Or do you buy "free markets, free labor" etc.


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