Mao's doctor's book

Wed Apr 12 11:36:25 MDT 1995

Are the contents of Mao's doctor's book factually innacurate?  I
don't know, but even if every word is true, it doesn't mean anything
about socialism in my mind.  Of course, the knee-jerk anti-communists
may view it as ammunition, but that is because they don't understand
anything about socialism to begin with, and that has been on-going
for a long time.

I'm reading a book about China by Betty Bao Lord called Legacies,
which is a collection of individuals' life stories, including several
veterans of the war against Japan. Some of these and others had been
declared "subversive" or "right-wing", abused and then rehabilitated
two or three different times under Mao.  Others I know see it as an
indictment of "communism" or socialism, but I don't see it that way
at all.


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