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Wed Apr 12 11:57:48 MDT 1995

Swadesh said:
>And what does it mean to
>say that affirmative action is "really" in the best interest of white
>workers? It doesn't seem to produce any class solidarity, so it's hardly
>hastening the revolution.

I think objectively I've just been called a objectivist....<grin> But don't
really know what that is... If it means those who believe that there is a
materialist reality, quit independent of human perception, then guilty. I
thought that was a basic concept of the Marxist theory of knowledge.

In any case I continue to maintain that affirmative action is in the best
class interests of **all** workers including white workers and that a key
element to unity of working class and oppressed people (especially for white
Communists) is convincing white workers it is so.

I don't see that paternalism has much to do with interests. To me
paternalism is a do-gooder liberal form of racism, chauvanism and
anti-working class ideas. Paternalism assumes some form of inferior being
that requires a "big brother" type of looking after the "inferior."


>So let's get off our objective/objectivist high horse and
>tell people to struggle because it's the right thing to do -- that's all we
>can say with surety.

If your starting point is influenced by subjective idealism then you *are*
left with only a moral appeal to struggle.


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