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Thu Apr 13 16:40:47 MDT 1995

>Hello Swadesh,
>I would like it if you could keep us informed about the Zapatistas. I
>agree they sound potentially very interesting.
Actually, my name is Rahul -- that's an old signature. If you want to get
more information than anyone could possibly want on the situation in Mexico
and the Zapatistas, send the message
subscribe chiapas95
to majordomo at

To me, one of the most amazing things about them is that they have
explicitly told the representatives of "civil society" (who went to the
National Democratic Convention at Aguascalientes) that not only do they not
want to be the state, they consider themselves as essentially shock troops
-- they know they can't beat the Mexican army, but they have tried to
ensure that the armed struggle leaves a legacy of civil struggle of one
form or another. Another amazing thing is how they have managed to play the
international popularity game so well that even the notoriously partisan
U.S. press had treated them with kid gloves, at least until recently.
I'm afraid I don't have any of their manifestos or any interviews with
Marcos in electronic form, but if anyone's interested in finding them, let
me know.
Rahul Mahajan

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