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Fri Apr 14 07:37:25 MDT 1995

Well, I'm glad Ralph liked the _Critique_.

I've just been flicking through it again, and reminded myself of what was
perhaps the bizarrest passage--that on "Medation on the Bomb" (128-132).
It's a small section, but a crucial one I think.  It also seems very
different from the kynicism that Sloterdijk elsewhere promotes:

"The ultimate war has truly become an 'internal matter' of armed
humanity... Nucleau fission is... a phenomenon that invites meditation,
and even the nuclear bomb gives teh philosopher the feeling of here also
really touching on the nucleus of what is human.  Thus, the bomb
basically embodies the last, most energetic enlightener...  The bomb
carries the last hope and task of Western philosophy, but its pedagogical
procedure still seems unusual to us...

The atomic bomb is the real Buddha of the West...

Grand politics today is, in the final analysis, meditation on the bomb
and deep mediation seeks the urge to build bombs in us...  Deep down, the
human spirt knows itself to be in solidarity with its eerie and ironic
sun machine."  (130-132)

I still find this fairly bizarre.

Whatever, if I were hunting for Minnesota books I might recommend
Thewelheit's _Male Fantasies_, Retamar's _Caliban_, Castoriadis, Negri...

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