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Chris Burford cburford at
Fri Apr 14 22:17:54 MDT 1995

Yes I accept, Lisa, that labelling even an argument is not helpful
but I wasn't sure whether you held to this argument anyway >

 > This question, how to get selfish individuals to be nice to each
 > other,
 > is surely also of interest to socialists.
 > Unless one just does not believe that people are like that....

Perhaps we should revisit this another time, but I don't think people
have to be got to be nice to each other. People interact all the time,
mainly cooperatively. Even the arguments are usually about how they are
co-operating. The formula here *reduces* something complex to something
much too simple. Even if "selfish" is changed to "self-interested",
people grow up learning pre-consciously that the cleverest way to be
self-interested is to be interested in other people. Anyhow that's how I
think of it.



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