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Justin Schwartz jschwart at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Fri Apr 14 11:25:23 MDT 1995

In re the suggestion to avoid the dialog form. Sometimes I do, as now. But
it's harder and takes time, so sometimes I don't. This has nothing to do
with analytical philosophy.

--Justin Schwartz

On Fri, 14 Apr 1995, Kenny Mostern wrote:

> >
> > PS
> > Dear Justin: if you may reply to Lisa, I would like you to consider for
> > example presenting your argument in the way Lisa has, in some depth, with
> > the quotations grouped at the end. I find I really have a problem if text
> > and commentary are spliced in and out of each other often, as you
> > sometimes do, and I just lose the main argument, and merely pick up that
> > two individuals seem to be disagreeing with each other.
> >
> I was wondering whether I was the only person who felt this way.  Indeed,
> I worry that people often don't believe I'm responding to them or
> engaging in a responsible dialogue because I tend to make my arguments
> without responding point by point to other people's posts.  In fact, I
> find the point/counterpoint style hard to read, that the posts which use
> it are far longer than they need to be, and that arguments are more
> likely to go on at length, without getting to the fundamental grounds of
> the disagreement, when people are too interested in responding to each
> other's minutia.
> This, obviously, is not an argument against quotation--this post begins
> with the quotation that set me writing.  But it is a plea to quote only
> once, or in a long post two or three times, and only to quote the part of
> someone's argument that you think gets to the root of the disagreement.
> Anyone else with an opinion on this?
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