Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Fri Apr 14 21:26:50 MDT 1995


I liked as well as enjoyed your post, despite its rudeness. I was pleased
that it was very thoughtful and I like your English.

Secretly also I think I like your anal aggressiveness. But

a) some may not

b) it is all so polarised. You have made very thoughtful contributions
recently on the nature of abstraction in Marx but

 >                                                When one works
 > with others on common clearly defined practical tasks, one is wise
 > not even to open one's mouth about anything other than
 > pleasantries or the task at hand.  This is survival.


 >                        The social crisis here is coming to a
 > head.  However, the options presented in this situation require
 > much more extensive discussion.  There are organizations forming
 > to address the problem, but one must be very very careful.  As to
 > whether even provisional reconciliation of competing viewpoints is
 > possible in a common program, and to whether I have a strong
 > enough stomach or could even stay alive for a week working with
 > the type of people that are running around loose here .......

I can see you don't just want to indulge in abstract thought but you lack
a language with which you can politically engage people. It is either
dialectics or coprology.

You enjoy being as rude as you like on this list
but on the streets you cannot articulate a political difference because
your language might literally lead you to being killed.

Do you really believe that marxism is about changing the world, or is it
for you the pleasure of showing academics how stupid they are?

Why not start discussing those options you mentioned as possibly relevant
in your concrete political situation?



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