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Fri Apr 14 19:01:57 MDT 1995

Dear Chris B, with the bits below I agree entirely.  [but] You don't
really mean to say that everyone learns that same thing, do you?  I
mean, being interested in terms of knowing what is going on and
getting a hand in it is the only game in town.  And cooperation can
occur while simultaneously containing bits of jostling about and
elbowing for position.  And "enlightened self interest" or "helping
others in order to benefit oneself" is not taught in every home, and,
although clever, it is not always the most successful method of
getting something.  It depends on the circumstances, doesn't it?

Just say yes and we can ring in a Mutual Admiration Festival.


>>> Chris Burford <cburford at>  4/14/95, 10:17pm >>>
Perhaps we should revisit this another time, but I don't think people
 have to be got to be nice to each other. People interact all the
time,  mainly cooperatively. Even the arguments are usually about how
they are  co-operating.
Even if "selfish" is changed to "self-interested",  people grow up
learning pre-consciously that the cleverest way to be self-interested
is to be interested in other people. Anyhow that's how I  think of



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