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Sat Apr 15 04:18:46 MDT 1995

>  As to
>whether even provisional reconciliation of competing viewpoints is
>possible in a common program, and to whether I have a strong
>enough stomach or could even stay alive for a week working with
>the type of people that are running around loose here .......
>well, my predicament is very very serious.  And indeed, I will
>have to make those decisions, but for me they will not be
>do-gooder ones, because among the persons most in need of being
>done good to is me and mine.  More I will not say, because you
>have not enlisted in my cause; you have not volunteered to help me
>solve my problems (a couple of you assholes even gloat over them),
>though you are insolent enough to impute your concern for practice
>as greater than mine.

Ralph, I am interested in your predicament.  I doubt mine is anywhere as
dire as yours, having been caught in self-indulgence lately, as I live it
up in a nice house with furniture and a car from my parents--along with a
monthly grant from the university to sit on my ass (it's the first year I
have not worked, and it's starting to drive me nuts). I do like what you
have to say, and if you would like to elaborate, I am interested.


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