Gorachev's crimes

Philip Goldstein pgold at strauss.udel.edu
Sat Apr 15 06:36:53 MDT 1995

	In defense of Gorbachev, Rob Franz writes, and I agree with him,
that "It's dogmatic religion, with a faith so strong that
only earthquakes can shake it--the CPUSA did lose significant membership
after these quakes--Stalin's pact of betrayal with Hitler, the denunciation
of the Stalin cult at the 20th party (CPSU) Congress, the invasion of
Czechoslovakia and lastly the fall of the Soviet Union itself, which
brought in its wake another large split and the formation of Committees
Correspondence." I would like to add to this account of those who blame
others for their mistakes that the reasons why the CPUSA split also
include a dogmatic insistence that only organizing industrial workers
mattered and that, as a result, the campaign of a Jesse Jackson for the
presidency or the problems of the African-American were of secondary
importance, as were the problems of women or of intellectuals. The fall
of the USSR and the disputes thereupon emboldened disaffected leaders to
get statistics on membership -- industrial clubs were down to two after
fifty years of organizing, and those two had very few members, not to
mention the party itself.

Philip Goldstein

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