Gorachev's crimes

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Sat Apr 15 07:16:15 MDT 1995

It is hard to argue with true believers who display such a superfical
understanding of events as below. Phillips discription of the disagreements
in the CPUSA are not only bad caricatures, but quite miss the point of what
was being debated - and the bit about Jessie Jackson is fantasy - though I
do know it's bitter source.

Vulgarization remains in full force as the argument of choice for those on
"missions from god".


>Correspondence." I would like to add to this account of those who blame
>others for their mistakes that the reasons why the CPUSA split also
>include a dogmatic insistence that only organizing industrial workers
>mattered and that, as a result, the campaign of a Jesse Jackson for the
>presidency or the problems of the African-American were of secondary
>importance, as were the problems of women or of intellectuals. The fall
>of the USSR and the disputes thereupon emboldened disaffected leaders to
>get statistics on membership -- industrial clubs were down to two after
>fifty years of organizing, and those two had very few members, not to
>mention the party itself.
>Philip Goldstein
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