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Doug is right about this. See, e.g., Robin D.G. Kelly's Hammer and Hoe.
The CP was also very good in the union movement, at least until the
Popular Front, when it bgan to oppose independent political action.

I don't know what Doug means about the CP "tailing" Gorbachev. The CPUSA,
Stalinist to the core, was very suspicious of Gorby from the start, and
offered him only grudging support.

Personally I think it is wrong to blame or praise Gorby for the recent
Soviet-->Russoan events. The system was in an advanced state of decay, as
witness its almost effortless complete collapse. G's policies seem to have
hastened the fall, but the fall was coming, G or no G. I do think G gets
some points for supporting democratization and resisting a turn to
repression, unlike Yeltsin.

People who might be interested in my own contemprary appraisal could look
up my "A Future for Socialism in the USSR?" Socialist Register 1991. From
a standpoint of for years later I think it still looks pretty good.

--Justin Schwartz

On Sat, 15 Apr 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> I don't often find myself defending the CPUSA, but isn't Philip Goldstein's
> remark that the party though "the problems of the African-American were of
> secondary importance" nearly libelous? I thought the CP fought for civil
> rights at a time, the 1930s, when virtually no one else did. Or is this a
> myth? I thought too that many non-Marixst American socalists were
> interested only in the white working class. The CP has done some awful
> things over the years - their appropriation of "Americanism" and tailing
> behind the Dems as well as their idiotic apologies for Stalinism followed
> by their pathetic tailing of Gorby - but it doesn't seem fair to hit them
> with this one.
> Doug
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