Adam Bandt bandt at
Sun Apr 16 09:09:03 MDT 1995

I am currently struggling my way through _Labor of Dionysus_. I'll jump
at the opportunity of a reading group of it (as someone suggested
earlier). However, as the book is a collection of connected yet separate
essays, might it be useful to pick sections of it?

I'd suggest chapter 3 in Part I. This essay deals specifically with
the importance of understanding the juridicalisation of labour, and in
trying to grasp Hardt and Negri's analysis of the incorporation by the
"social State" of labour via "constitutionalisation", I am running up
against a number of brick walls. Before elaborating, it would be useful
to know whether anyone has any interest in this book and particularly the
issue of the place of law an legal thought and their relationships to
labour and capital in the context of the political economy of the state.

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