Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Sun Apr 16 08:03:42 MDT 1995

>Personally I think it is wrong to blame or praise Gorby for the recent
>Soviet-->Russoan events.

Gorby certainly didn't move histroy by himself, but surely the individual
can play important roles at different times in moving history forward - in
that since I would condemn Gorby.

>The system was in an advanced state of decay, as
>witness its almost effortless complete collapse. G's policies seem to have
>hastened the fall, but the fall was coming, G or no G. I do think G gets
>some points for supporting democratization and resisting a turn to
>repression, unlike Yeltsin.

This is sweeping beyond belief. What evidence. Take for instance the GNP
which the CIA dutifully reported for years was stagnating, but now admits
that it was growing at a faster rate (around 3.5% I believe) that the US in
the same period.

As to democritization - bah humbug. Gorby took powers away from every grass
roots institiution he could decimate and centralized it in his apparatus
willy nilly under the guise of "glasnost". The main purpose of glasnost was
to provide cover for dismantling the economy and Soviet power.

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