Santiago.Colas at um.cc.umich.edu Santiago.Colas at um.cc.umich.edu
Sun Apr 16 15:48:16 MDT 1995

A recent post from Chris Burford on whether anyone could epxlain the relation-
ship between Marx and Spinoza prompted another possibilitiy.  Since not a lot
of people (I've only counted three so far including myself) seem to want
read Negri, how about Spinoza directly.  I've already organized a small
Spinoza group here at Ann Arbor with a couple of grad students who were
in my Marx seminar this term.  (one of them is on this list too) and I'd
be dlelighted if anyone else wanted to participate in this as well.  Then
eperhaps, instead of relying on other attempts to articulate Sp. and Marx
(however well qualified these might appear), we could just work it up
from the ground up ourselves...any takers for this?
Santiago Colas
Ann Arbor

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