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Sun Apr 16 22:19:54 MDT 1995

I too am interested in a group reading of LABOR OF DIONYSUS.  Might I
suggest "Communist State Theory" and "The State and Public Spending"?
	Recent attacks on Negri here have left me somewhat puzzled.  His
language is difficult, but intentionally so, rewarding, and hardly
strangely so given his/our milieu.  His recuperation of antagonism and
value from the GRUNDRISSE is valuable to me, and I find his return to the
state in LOD vital.
	Along these lines, has anyone here seriously discussed the
italian autonomia movement?

Bryan Alexander
Department of English
University of Michigan

On Sun, 16 Apr 1995, Adam Bandt wrote:

> I am currently struggling my way through _Labor of Dionysus_. I'll jump
> at the opportunity of a reading group of it (as someone suggested
> earlier). However, as the book is a collection of connected yet separate
> essays, might it be useful to pick sections of it?
> I'd suggest chapter 3 in Part I. This essay deals specifically with
> the importance of understanding the juridicalisation of labour, and in
> trying to grasp Hardt and Negri's analysis of the incorporation by the
> "social State" of labour via "constitutionalisation", I am running up
> against a number of brick walls. Before elaborating, it would be useful
> to know whether anyone has any interest in this book and particularly the
> issue of the place of law an legal thought and their relationships to
> labour and capital in the context of the political economy of the state.
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