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Mon Apr 17 07:36:41 MDT 1995

'Has anyone here discussed Italy's autonomist movement seriously on this
list?', Brian Alexander has asked.

I've noticed that it's come up once or twice since I joined late last year,
but more or less in a tangential manner, depite the heroic efforts of Jon
once or twice. Perhaps it was an item of discussion earlier - yes? no?

I at least would be happy to see some discussion of autonomia - whether
this be of the seventies, or of the 'new' autonomia of more recent times.
It was an important revolutionary movement back then, even if some
tendencies within it were rather more attractive than others; and it has
managed to re-emerge and re-constitute itself after the heavy repression
of 1979-, albeit without many of its original activists and with a
distinctly more libertarian flavour (no complaints from me on that score).

Since I *know* that some comrades of the European Counter Network
(have at least) subscribe(d) to this list (in the past), perhaps they'd
like to throw in some thoughts. Forza, ragazze/i...

Steve Wright

P.S. A chance for a plug here: together with the Padova
node of the European counter Network, the xchange collective here in
Melbourne puts together a little electronic newsletter that summarises - and
sometimes translates - postings from the ECN, a computer network which,
within Italy at least, has a significant autonomist presence. Recent issues
have dealt with state raids on an anarchist BBS near Trento, debates within
the social centres, and press images of the ECN. If you'd like to see a
copy, or would like to help with the translations, you can contact the
newsletter editors at pmargin at

P.P.S. I'd be very interested to hear any comments about or from within
the *German* autonomist movement - now that's a scene I don't understand
at all, short of the few glimpses offered by the magazine *Wildcat* when
articles from it have appeared in English or Italian.

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