Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Mon Apr 17 06:53:35 MDT 1995

Phillip Goldstein says he knows a little history of the CPUSA, and I have to
agree he knows a little history which in his case is like a little knowledge
and not even very accurate at that.

Foster did not found the CPUSA - didn't even join for several years after it
was founded in 1919. Interesting language - Browder "surplanted" Foster.
Browder of course was an ardent Stalin supporter during the war, in fact he
cited Stalin at Yalta in his rush to liquidate the party. Had Browder had
his way there would be no CPUSA today, just as in later days if some CP
"reformers" had had their way there would be no CPUSA today.

"ostensibly because Jaques Duclos..." Again a curious choice of words.
Duclos said basically "maybe it isn't such a good thing to dissolve the
party" and the majority in the party agreed and elected an new leadership.

(By the way on loaded language - the preface to Roger Keeran's book
"Communists in the Autoworkers Union" has some great comments on the loaded
language of anti-communism. He points out for instance that when Communists
and left forces win union elections then the media etc speak of "taking over
the union" of "ousting democratic leadership", whereas when rightwing forces
win they are said to "win the election.")

I think even Phillip will have to chuckle at this one: "In the 1950's when
Gus Hall came to power, he prided himself on being a workingclass
intellectual, which meant a whole group of intellectuals organized by Gil
Green were moved to leave the party." I never knew that the party
intellectuals were so timid and scared. Gil Green (who BTW would style
himself a working class intellectual I think) will not like this on many counts.

I don't know if Gus Hall prides himself on being a working class
intellectual, but for a worker with a fifth grade education, who was forced
to go to work at an early age, he certainly has had an impact on many
people's thinking. BTW I do agree that Gus has spent a good deal of his life
refuting revisionist ideas like eurocommunism in the world movement.

How you get this simplistic "primacy of the working class = orgainizing
factory workers" nonsence is superfical beyond belief. The issues that Hall
and Winston disagreed with Browder on were much more complex and
interesting, and that is true of the dispute with those who recently left
the party.

I seriously doubt that the people you mentioned who left would agree with
your characterization of why they left - again superficial, vulgarization
and widely missing the point. **No one on either side of the issuse
maintained that "the problems of the African American community were less
important than the struggle to orgainize factory workers."**

Phillip there certainly are problems. But your ill informed rantings do
little to clarify or change anything. Facing facts and knowing what you are
talking about are two different things - as far as I can see you do neither.


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