Santiago.Colas at um.cc.umich.edu Santiago.Colas at um.cc.umich.edu
Mon Apr 17 08:36:30 MDT 1995

I can tell you for myself, but I can't account for the general connection--
that's part of what I want to learn through this reading:  Deleuze,
Althusser, Negri (and via a retrospectively constructed lieneage which
I basically accept:  CLR James).  Four figures that I find completely
engaging in different, of course often seemingly incompatible ways.
So, what' i'm saying is that spinoza seems to be the key, intellectually,
politically, personally, to the question:  how can I reconcile my
attraction to all these writings--an attraction, of course, prompted in
the first place by an even more fundamental attraction to marx's writings.
Sorry to be so personal about it, but that's were xxx where my
own projects of self-education always begin.

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