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Mon Apr 17 18:23:09 MDT 1995

Kenny Mostern sez:

>This is why I insist that a marxist movement, at least in the
>U.S. (which is what I know best), would *necessarily* begin as
>an identitarian movement.

In the 1960s, this would be the case -- the Black Panthers,
women's movement, students, etc.  (In the 1930s there was a strong
class conscious movement during which some of these other concerns
were downplayed when convenient (the violence of abstraction)).
In USA 1995 the notion is not only utterly absurd, it is very
harmful.  The fundamental basis of identity politics today _is_ to
depress the class struggle in favor of the elites of the given
group concerned, if not an old elite in toto (though some of them
too), then an ambitious and ruthless new petty bourgeois elite.  A
marxist movement today (it won't even be called that, let alone
headed by the misfits of the American left as it currently
"exists") will begin only by an emphasis on class consciousness
overcoming the myopia and class defeatism of today's bogus
identity politics.

Chris Burford must not know the USA very well:

>And supporting the democratic interests of one group, so long as
>they are not in antagonistic conflict with the interests of
>another group, will support the democratic rights of the vast
>majority against the capitalist system.

I might add that certain nationalist movements are in antagonistic
conflict with the democratic rights of people WITHIN their
respective groups.  In any case, your statement above both answers
and contradicts the criminal stupidity of your question below:

>Is it really impossible to make some alliance, however partial
>and limited, with Black Muslims for example?

It is absolutely impossible!  I think you have spent too much time
agonizing over Mao.  (I was revolted by both his doctor's
description of him and by your attempts to empathize.  Mao was not
better than Stalin; he was worse.)  What a hypocrite.  From 4000
miles away you plumb the secret Stalinism of my soul, while you
show yourself impermissibly tolerant of the most unspeakable filth
that should be common knowledge to everybody.  Physician, heal

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