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Let me make one suggestion regarding the Marx-Spinoza connection.  I think that
Bertell Ollman is right on target here.  He argues that thinkers such as
Leibniz, Spinoza, and Hegel shared a belief "that the relations that come
together to make up the whole get expressed in what are taken to be its parts.
Each part is viewed as incorporating in what it is all its relations with other
parts up to and including everything that comes into the whole" (1993,
DIALECTICAL INVESTIGATIONS).  Leibniz, Spinoza, and Hegel had differing
conceptions of the parts.  For Leibniz, the parts were monads.  For Spinoza,
the parts were modes.  For Hegel, the parts were ideas.  But the logical form
of the relation between the parts and the whole was the same.  Marx inherits
this dialectical tradition.

Certainly, there are other aspects of the Marx-Spinoza relationship that should
be investigated, but this methodological one is, I think, very profound, and
very important to those who trace the links between internal relations and
dialectical method.
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