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Tue Apr 18 09:59:45 MDT 1995

John, thanks for your reply.  I'm curious about what you find to be
your moral philosophy or justification of socialism, or whatever you
call it.  But you've already said that it's "hard to say" and I guess
we'll just have to agree on that too.

I know I often think in terms of "rights", as twistable as I know
that concept to be.  I just figure that we ought to have equal rights
because we are all equally human.  Is that a moral philosophy?

I don't often think in terms of "morality" - where I grew up, it
meant only religious obediance, especially sexual abstinence.  It was
all manipulation, based on claims of absolute definitions of
righteousness.  Of course, I do feel pretty righteous about the
causes that I support, I feel very strongly indeed.

Lisa Rogers

>>> jwalker <jwalker at email.unc.edu>  4/18/95, 06:25am >>>
Hello Lisa --

I share the political goals you express in this recent post, and I
also  share most of your concerns about the usefulness of moral
appeals in the  political arena.

(big snip)

 I'd have a difficult time advocating  political change if I thought
my ground for advocating it were just a  preference of mine -- I like
socialism, Bob Dole likes capitalism, I like  chocolate, he likes
vanilla.  It wouldn't motivate me very much!  I have  to think it's
more than that, even if just _what_ it is, is hard to say.

(Actually I strongly suspect you don't treat your politics the way
you  treat your ice cream choices!  Just making the point about the
need for  more...)

John D. Walker

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